Applied Progressive Decoupling With Javascript

Decoupled Drupal

  • Process of employing a different front end from Drupals own
  • Speaks to other front ends via RESTful APis
  • Not a new concept

Rendering client side

  • SPA depend on a universal JS framework
  • Angular, Ember, React etc
  • Native apps have their own systems


  • Seperation of concerns
  • Content syndication (write once, publish everywhere)


  • Additional point of failure
  • No XSS protection or input sanitization
  • No in place editing
  • No layout/display management
  • No previewable content workflow
  • No modules affecting the front end
  • No system notifcations
  • No BigPipe


A site powering 1 or more other sites or apps before Drupal

  • 144 origin servers.
  • 50 million page views per day. 50% going to origin servers.
  • Forecasts for 2.9 million locations
  • Hundreds of dynamic weather maps.

Performance and caching

  • Split page into wrapper and panes
  • Same wrapper from origin to everyone
  • Edge computations using ESI
  • Client side rendering using Angular

Front-end Developers

  • JS developers want to write JS
  • Don’t want to learn Drupal APis
  • Keep up with JS ecosystem

Editorial Team

  • Want to create pages
  • Work independently
  • Create page layouts

Presentation Framework

  • Mechanism for putting components on pages
  • Supports Angular, PHP & static templates
  • Modules served by Drupal or ESI

Why Panels?

  • Variant and selection rules
  • Reusable and exportable rules
  • Context
  • Drag-and-drop UI

Framework-agnostic Progressive Decoupling


  • Give JS developers flexibility
  • Keep guard rails in place

Drupal 8

  • Decoupled Blocks module in development
  • Built on top of Blocks
  • Already supports Angular 2 and React. More coming

Developers can creae JS component Modules

  • Easy to use for JS and Drupal devs
  • Single bootstrap of Framework
  • Site builders can configure components in UI
  • Developers can require a context and pass to client
  • Add config fields into .info.yml file
    • Shown during block placement and passed to components via drupalSettings

JS Frameworks

  • Angular 2, React
  • Angnostic

Components can be contextually aware

  • Tightly couple component functionality to Drupals existing system of entities

Static Prototypes and Style Guides

  • Organizations can build library of components
  • Site builder can assemble components to create a working prototype
  • ‘Living style guide’