Cloud Native Applications

  • 12 Factor
  • Scale horizontally
  • Built in monitoring and metrics
  • Operability

Microservices not required; monoliths welcome!


Tool in GCP to trace application usage and requests

Google Cloud Container Builder

Build container images from source code

  • Fully managed service
  • Build triggers
  • Custom builds (support for custom scripts and container images)
  • Google Container Registry integration

gcloud container builds submit --config=path/to/config.yaml

Google Container Registry

Private registry for container images

  • Private by default
  • IAM integration
  • Built on Google Cloud Storage
  • Automatic image vulnerability scanning
  • List image tags and names
  • Docker v2 image format (support for OCI image format on the roadmap)

gcloud beta container images list-tags path/to/image

Google Container Engine

Managing Development Environments

  • Uses shared clusters
  • Use namespaces for Environments
  • Use resource quotas
    • Define via yaml manifest. Apply to a cluster via kubectl
  • Allow direct access and self service

Managing Production Environments

  • Use dedicated clusters
  • Use resource requests and limits
  • Use namespaces for API isolation
  • Use health and readiness checks
  • Disable direct access (limit access and use a CI system to push changes)


Quick way to connect to pod if service is not up yet:

kubectl port-forward POD_NAME LOCAL_PORT:REMOTE_PORT