Google Cloud NEXT '17 - Authenticating Service-to-Service Calls with Google Cloud Endpoints


  • Authentication vs authorization
  • Scenarios: When to use service-to-Service auth
    • Mobile apps
    • Microservices
    • Cloud to cloud

Google Cloud NEXT '17 - Building High Performance Microservices with Go, Kubernetes and gRPC

Microservice Performance Gotchas

  • Slow data serialization
  • Network contention
  • High per-process overhead

Google Cloud NEXT '17 - Globally Scalable Microservices with Google Container Engine and Google Load Balancing

Sidecar container

Container that helps the primary container do it’s job.

Google Cloud NEXT '17 - Using Google Container Engine to Deploy Scalable and Secure PHP Applications

Advantages of Compute Engine for PHP

  • Easy to spin up apps like WordPress (via cloud launcher)
  • Easy to spin up LAMP stack (via cloud launcher)
  • Low barrier of entry (it’s just VMs people!)
  • Autoscaling instance groups
  • Easy SSL firewall

Google Cloud NEXT '17 - Cloud Spanner 101


2005 - Everything on sharded clustered databases. A re-shard took years to complete.

Google Needs

  • Horizontally scaling database
  • ACID transactions with global consistency
  • No downtime
    • A minute of downtime on adwords cost millions of dollars